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Last modified: February 10, 2014 13:52:42.


New Residency procedure:

All students are required to have a residence permit to live and study in Qatar. One of the first steps after your arrival is to convert your entry visa into a Residence Permit which will be issued under Qatar University sponsorship during one month since the student entered the country. So the student should contact the International Students Section directly in order to proceed with the necessary steps to obtain the Residency Permit which include medical examination and finger print process. The student should Submit his/her original passport, one passport size photo and the documentation of medical examination and finger print to the International Students Section to complete this process of stamping residence permit in students passport. International students Section will inform the student by email when and how the student can collect his Passport and Qatari ID Card.

Renew Residency:

  • Student should hand his/her passport, one photo, and his personal ID card to the ISS office 2 weeks ahead of the expiration date of the residency permit.
  • Collect the passport with the renewed residency after receiving an e-mail from the ISS.

    NOTE: The student will be responsible for all consequences due to the delay in passport submission.


Exit Permit: 

For every trip outside Qatar, the student who got a student visa under QU sponsorship should receive an Exit Permit from the University (as QU is the student's sponsor) through the International Students Section. To obtain an exit permit student should implement the following steps:

  • Apply for Exit Permit through Banner Self-Service at 5 working days prior to the student's traveling date.
  • Student will receive an email notification from QU Immigration Section once the exit permit issued.


  • Student must pay all his outstanding dues towards the University before he requests for Exit Permit. If the due amount is more than QR 100 student will not be able to apply for exit permit.
  • The Exit Permit is valid for one exit only.
  • Multiple Exit Permit is NOT available for the university's international students.
  • The Exit Permit is valid for seven days that is started from the date of issuance. It is not allowed to use the same Exit Permit for second exit from Qatar during those seven days.
  • The female students, who are planning to travel by road, must submit a Written Consent of her guardian before applying for the Exit Permit.


Cancel Residency: 

in case of student's final departure from State of Qatar, such as graduation, final withdrawal, or any other reasons; International Student MUST cancel his/her residency permit which issued under the University sponsorship:

  • Student should hand his/her passport and personal ID card to the ISS office.