International Students
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Last modified: February 21, 2015 01:11:36.

International Student in Qatar University is defined as, the student from outside OR inside Qatar who is admitted to Qatar University either in Undergraduate / Graduate / Arabic Program for Non-native Speakers, and issued his Qatari residence permit under Qatar University sponsorship through International Students Section.

International students who do not hold a valid State of Qatar residence permit (excluding GCC citizens) are not eligible for Qatar University admission consideration. It is crucial that international student who is interested to enroll at QU to have a valid Qatari residence permit.

QU International Students Section provides assistance to eligible international students who are seeking visa sponsorship from QU in order to enroll in an academic program at Qatar University. Those interested students should contact International Students Section, during the same timeline of QU admission, and submit all documents required for visa sponsorship from QU. Applicants who fail to satisfy the requirements for a visa sponsorship will not be considered for admission to QU.

Objectives and Mission

International Student Section (ISS) supports the growth, progress, and success of international students at Qatar University, and aims to ease their transition to a new school, a new home and a new country. ISS provides support services designed to assist international students with any personal, financial, immigration and housing questions or issues and gives students a chance to get involve with the QU community. In addition to that the section provides the necessary information to applicants from outside Qatar who are interested in joining the University. The section also implements all the enrollment procedures of the Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Program.

International Students under the Section's welfare are categorized as follows:

  • Students granted one of the following Scholarships provided by Qatar University:
    • Islamic world and other countries (External/Internal Scholarship) to study in the Under Graduate level.
    • Short Scholarship to study in the Arabic program for Non-Native Speakers  
  • Student bear all study & living expenses (paying students) only obtains QU residency sponsorship to study at QU either in: the Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Program OR Under Graduate OR Graduate level.

International Students Section Services:

  • Handling Immigration topics for international student accepted at QU, by issuing entry visa to come to Qatar then transfer it into a Qatari Residence Permit under the University residency sponsorship after arrival to Qatar.
  • Maintenance of Qatari residence permit, such as renewing, transferring or canceling residence permit, in addition to issuing exit permit for every trip to travel outside Qatar.
  • Represent Qatar University as the residency sponsor for the international students by issuing any formal letter required for official use.
  • Issuing tickets for international students who granted a scholarship that covers this benefit.
  • Handling all the processes related to the Arabic Program for Non-Native Speakers admission, such as: receiving and processing new applications, issuing Entry visa & residence permit for accepted students, as well as maintaining immigration procedures, until students graduated and return to their country.
  • Cooperate & coordinate with many of QU departments to encourage students to merge into the University life and getting the benefits of various services & activities provided by QU, such as the QU housing and student fund section.
  • Guiding students to get the benefits of various services available in Qatar University, i.e. QU ID card, Health Card, ATM and Financial Aid, etc.
  • Communicating with the applicants from outside Qatar and answer their questions then give them comprehensive information about applying to QU, Immigration issues and other necessary information.