Parent Access to E-Payment System
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Last modified: February 21, 2015 01:12:21.

Parents or other parties may pay a student’s tuition fees online through the E-payment TouchNet System. They will be assigned an authorized access to the system after they have been granted access by the student. To get an access to the E-payment System, please contact us at the Parents Program at

Please follow these steps in order to pay online the student’s fees (Download this guide as PDF):

  1. After receiving the authorization approval to pay tuition fees on behalf of the student, you will receive an email message from including the username and password to access the E-Payment TouchNet student account as an authorized user.


  2. In the login homepage, under Authorized Users section, enter your email and password.


  3. Once you login, the Profile Setup page will be displayed and you will be asked to provide the following mandatory fields:
    • Your full name
    • Password Change


  4. To make a payment, go to “Payments” tab and then click on “Account Payment” then enter the amount and then click Continue.


  5. Under “Payment Method”, select Credit Card from the dropdown menu.


  6. Fill out Credit Card information and then click Continue.


  7. Review payment details and confirm the information by clicking on “Submit Payment”.


  8. Once payment is successfully submitted, your receipt will be displayed and will be sent to your personal email.


Paying for Multiple Students

Parents or other parties may pay tuition fees for more than one student. They will follow the above steps and then:

  1. Under the “My Account” tab, go to “Select Student”.


  2. Click the student name as shown below.


  3. You will be asked to “change password” and provide your Company name or full name as shown below.