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Last modified: February 21, 2015 01:12:20.

Besides organizing orientation for new students’ parents and educational workshops and training and answer parents inquiries, the unit give parents access to borrow books from QU library, and sport facilities.

Borrowing books from QU library

With great pleasure we announce that a Memorandum of Understanding made by the and between the Parent Program at Student Affairs and Qatar University Library .Parents now can fill a Parents’ communication Form and pay a deposit to QU Library and borrow books as long as their children studying in QU. QU Library will provide a membership to any parent “mothers and fathers”  of a currently enrolled student against a 200 QR deposit fee to be reimbursed after the graduation of son/daughter.

Sport Activities:

Parent Program Unit is pleased to announce that an agreement took place between the Parent Program Unit and Student Activities Department which will give parents access of using sports facilities as Gym, Swimming Pool, and sport fields after paying an annual deposit of 200 QR.