Self Development
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Last modified: May 03, 2016 14:32:46.

Difficulties in adjusting to college

The involvement in college life is an important phase in the college student life, as it provides more opportunities for personal growth and academic learning. This phase, however, poses challenges related to the adjustment to college life; such as lack of communication with friends and schoolmates in the secondary school, which a student is used to for a while. The college environment also gives students more freedom and at the same time demands more responsibility….[Read More].

Overcoming exam anxiety and fear

When exams approach, you should be prepared with good study habits and skills. However, you may feel fear, anxiety or stress… We are telling you that the exam is only one of daily life situations. You may see it as a stressful, difficult situation that affects your performance. However, we say: Will and determination can make it a positive situation…….[Read More]

How to act confidently?

To act confidently means the ability to express the ideas and feelings clearly in the context of mutual respect. It means also clear and polite expression of feelings, opinions and needs. Most people, who are not acting confidently, are doing so for fear of displeasing others and of that they may not be accepted and loved. But the result is that even if you avoid offending others….[Read More]


People feel lonely for a number of reasons, such as not having enough friends, not being close to people they know, or not being accepted by those they try to be friend with. Research has discovered that young people living at home, with no significant relationship, are lonelier than a senior living alone. Each person is different in the amount of contact…..[Read More]

Hesitation and Confusion

Man experiences many situations in different areas. Each situation requires a decision to control behavior and direct efforts to achieve the goal that corresponds to the decision that will be taken. After thinking and balancing the pros and cons of a subject, most people usually take the right decision either to engage into or refrain from it, even though…..[Read More]