Student Learning Support Center
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Last modified: December 29, 2015 11:19:11.

Student Learning Support Center

The Student Learning Support Center (SLSC) provides academic support services to male and female students at QU. The SLSC is a supportive environment where students can seek assistance with academic coursework, writing assignments, transitioning to college academic life, and other academic issues. SLSC programs include: Peer Tutoring, the Writing Lab, writing workshops, and Academic Success Workshops. Students may also seek confidential academic counseling from the professional staff at the Center.

All SLSC programs are designed to help students become independent and successful learners by improving their study skills and self-confidence, increasing their knowledge of course material, encouraging a positive attitude toward education, and preparing them for lifelong learning. The SLSC is located in the Male and Female Activities Buildings, and services are free of charge to QU students.

Our Mission

The Student Learning Support Center at Qatar University intentionally engages students in their learning and supports their academic, personal, and professional objectives by emphasizing independent and critical thought.  Through positive interactions with the Student Learning Support Center staff and peer tutors, students learn the skills needed to be successful lifelong learners.