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Special Needs
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Last modified: September 20, 2016 10:06:19.

The Inclusion and Special Needs Support Center

As per Qatar laws for special needs individuals and QU academic policies, QU welcomes students with special needs in all educational programs. The Special Needs section was created in 2007, based on QU administration directions & future vision, to provide the necessary tools and services to support special needs students and contribute to integrate them academically and socially. In 2014, the special needs section was changed to the Inclusion & Special Needs Support Center (ISNSC).

The center is committed to maintaining absolute privacy of special needs students date & information. The academic support provided for students enrolled in the center does not conflict in any way with the academic standards of the University and will not lead to any derogation or differentiation in the University’s graduation degree or certificate.

The Inclusion & Special Needs Support Center (ISNSC) works based on two parallel approaches to make integration reality: the first aims at improving the quality of support and services provided. The second aims at systematically changing academic and environmental policies and developing curricula and teaching strategies in accordance with the Universal Design for Learning UDL - which is based on the latest scientific discoveries in neuroscience, psychology, and assistive technology and their relationship with education. In addition, ISNSC works to promote shared responsibility and integrated programs for special needs individuals and emphasize the responsibility of society to create a culture that highlights their rights for integration and accessibility.

Target group:

The center receives special needs students and provides them with the necessary support & services to help them reach academic and social goals of the University. The center  supports students with visible, invisible &  temporary disabilities including:

Learning disabilities

Physical disabilities

Orthopedic, and muscles injuries

Brain injuries

Visual impairment


ADHD attention deficit hyperactive disorder

Speech impairment

Pregnancy complications

Psychological challenges

Hearing disabilities

Chronic health conditions





The ISNSC  supports special needs students in higher education level and seeks to ensure the right of all special needs students to make the most of the curricula, programs, services, activities and University ‘s facilities.


To be a model of excellence in inclusive education and the right of everyone to learn.


If students decide to register in ISNSC, they will benefit from the following services:

Assistive technology services

Administrative and academic service

Scan reader

Providing internal transportation for various departments of the University

Text magnifier

Coordinating with learning centers for tutoring sessions

Computers with text to speech programs

Providing a range of books in Braille

Braille printer

Providing scribes during lectures

Other electronic programs to fit various types of disabilities

Working with faculty members to provide academic support for students

Converting books and reading materials to readable formats,

Providing necessary exam accommodations (extra time, scribes, separate rooms) depending on the student’s case

Training special needs students on using devices & assistive applications

Encourage student to participate in students activities

Providing digital accessibility for websites & e-mails

Conducting training sessions to develop students’ professional & social skills

Providing electronic library, digital resources and references

Assist student to get scholarship


Assisting students to find a job


Working on increasing awareness of University’s staff regarding special needs students issues


Coordinating with the local community institutions to incorporate  services provided to special needs students


Provide support for using social media


For further information, please contact us at: 

  • Male section: 44033854 , 44037946
  • Female section: 44035106 , 44037941
  • Email address: