Student Complaint System
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Last modified: February 21, 2015 01:12:23.

Qatar University is committed to a policy of fair treatment for its students/faculty/staff in their relationships with student, administration, faculty, staff and other members of the University community. The purpose of this policy is to establish and implement a complaint procedure.

The Office of Vice President for Student Affairs has a commitment to ensuring that all complaints are resolved using a clear, fair and reliable management process. The University treats complaints seriously and ensures all processes are clear, prompt, confidential and fair to all parties.

Thus, QU community can easily submit a complaint, whether it is an academic or non-academic, through the Complaint System on myBanner Self-Service. The system gives opportunity to check the complaint status online by assigning each complaint with a unique code for future references.

It is important to read the Complaint Policy and the step-by-step guide before submitting a complaint.


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