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Frequent Asked Questions
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Last modified: January 01, 2017 11:53:49.
  • Bring your student QU ID.
  • Print out your textbook list and mark books you need to buy. Please use this guide to know how to print your booklist.
  • Attend during the assigned day of the textbook acquisition schedule.

Textbooks may be returned under the following conditions:

  • Return will be accepted during the period specified by Textbooks Section, on condition that the book has been purchased during the same semester, and in good condition.
  • Textbooks which are found to have pages missing, print mistakes, or be in poor condition (from time of purchase).
  • Upon cancellation of the course by the department/college.

eBooks are non-refundable.

This means that your department didn't ask to assign any book to this particular course, and the faculty member responsible will have to contact the department coordinator at the college to communicate with the Textbooks Section to assign a book to the course.

Yes, this is allowed for students under the following conditions:

  1. Repeating a failed course.
  2. Loss of textbook.
  3. Student will pay the full price of the textbook.
  4. Students can buy the textbook after the completion of the regular sale period and there is a surplus of textbooks in the bookstore.
  1. Direct payments to the Cashier’s Office at the Men's/ Women's Activities Buildings.
  2. Payment can be made online by Visa Card or Master Card.

You can obtain your eBook via the Blackboard System. Students and faculty can visit the Textbooks Section webpage to view the guides and find out how to download the eBook in Blackboard.

Yes, we impose fees on any eBook.

Yes, there are some hard copies depend on the college request, but there aren’t for the eBooks translated to Arabic.

Yes, it is a comprehensive eBook containing assignments, quizzes, and eBook text, available to all students registered for some courses, such as: Calculus I & II; Intermediate Algebra; Business Mathematics; Chemistry; and Anatomy & Physiology.

The Textbooks Section is located in building C03, next to continuous education center (see map).

You may view the textbook prices through the myBanner Self-Service System. Once you log in, click on the Student Services tab, and then click on Student Books

Yes, you can just send through our Email: you’re QUID with required eBook details information such as Book Title, Book Code, Name of Course, and language teaching; then we will send to you the Access Code.

Yes, but first of all you have to follow the attached guideline that sent on your QU E-mail, to be able to enter Code in proper way.

You will find it in your QU email by searching about this address, and access code is placed inside a table where it has a title says “Access Code”.

No, you should access the code through a computer/laptop.

No, you can find the word “Access Code” that is located inside a table in that same E-mail sent by

We always recommend using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer to access eBooks.

The code is valid to use for a one year from login eBook, then you should buy a new Code again unless you was used VitalSourse platform and download your eBook in Bookshelf Application.

Yes, the students who are used Vitalsource platform they can keep their eBooks forever by download application that is called “Bookshelf” and regarding to other platform such as MyLabsPlus – MyMathLabs – Connect … etc. they cannot download eBooks and students can only access it online. For further details, please visit this tutorial.

Yes, you can be printed a very limited number of pages in each printing process.

Bookshelf Application is useful for all eBooks that you use it in Vital Source platform to keep it forever and allowing you to read it offline without need to internet.

Your password should contain 8 digits or more with consider to be had the following characteristics: Capital letter, Small letter, At least one number, and a special character such as: @,+,/,=,!.

Please communicate directly with the course instructor to explain how to use the E-book and also College of Business & Economics students can take the help from their support center.