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Instructions and Forms
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Last modified: September 29, 2016 15:34:11.

Instructions to Receive Textbooks

The following important points and instructions are to be followed by students when receiving their textbooks:

  1. Bring the student QU ID.
  2. Print out the textbook list marked with required books. Please use this guide to view how to print your booklist.
  3. Attend in the assigned day of textbook acquisition schedule.
  4. Textbooks may be returned under the following conditions:
    • Returns will be accepted without any reasons or conditions between (2nd Oct, 2016 – 6th Oct, 2016) of begin semester. After this period, the textbook section will accept returns only if one of these two conditions exists:
      • Textbooks are found to have pages missing, print mistakes, or are in poor condition (from time of purchase).
      • Due to the cancellation of the course by the department / college attached with approval by College/Dept.
  5. Electronic books cannot be returned after purchasing.
  6. Students can contact textbook email to buy access codes and mention the book title / book code which is usually start with following letter (BKSE or BKSET).
  7. For more information about Electronic Books, students can visit our webpage.
  8. Textbook prices are available at Banner.
  9. Payment can be made online by Visa Card or Master Card or direct payments to Cashier's Office at the Men's/ Women's Activities Buildings.
  10. A student can receive an additional copy of a textbook according to the following conditions:
    • Attend in person and bring QU ID.
    • Fill the exception request form.
    • The student is requested to pay the textbook price in accordance with the rules in this regard.
  11. A student can obtain a textbook as a reference according to the following conditions:
    • Attend in person and bring QUID.
    • Fill the exception request form.
    • The student will be required to pay the full price of the book without the 50% price reduction.
    • The student can buy the textbook after the completion of the regular acquisition period.
    • There is a surplus of copies of the textbook in question at the bookstore.
  12. An authorized third party is permitted to receive the textbooks on behalf of students with special needs according to the following conditions:
    • The authorized third party must bring his/her Qatari ID and the student's QU ID card.
    • Complete the acknowledgment of receipt of textbooks form signed by the student and the authorized party.
    • Print out the textbook list marked with required books.
Textbooks Forms Download
Acknowledgement of Textbook Receipt PDF
Textbooks Exception Request PDF