Student Campus Card Service
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Last modified: February 18, 2013 10:23:23.

The purpose of the Student Campus Card policy is to provide a means to identify enrolled students at Qatar University and to facilitate student access to the full range of facilities and services provided for students. Obtaining University Identification Card is an essential step before receiving books. New ID Cards will be issued for all new students, males and females.

Campus Card Policy

  1. On admission, the University issues enrolled students with a Student Campus Card (the Card); valid for the same duration as the program the student is enrolled in, and may be extended as appropriate. 
  2. The Card identifies the student as enrolled at Qatar University.
  3. Enrolled students are required to carry the Qatar University Student Campus Card while on campus and to show the card to University personnel on demand to identify themselves.
  4. The Card entitles students to access the University services and facilities provided for students.

Procedure (Academic Year 2012-13)

The Campus Card Unit of the Primary Services Section manages the issue of Student Campus Cards, establishes procedures relating its use and replacement, and defines the terms and conditions for the use of the Card.

  1. First Issue

    • On admission, enrolled students are automatically issued with a Student Campus ID, valid for the same duration as the program the student is enrolled in.
    • The cards are distributed to new students on Orientation Day. Students are required to produce a valid Qatari ID or Passport for identification purpose.
    • After Orientation day, students visit the Campus Card Office in the female activity building office no. 101 or male activity building room 221 to collect their card during the period as published.
  2. Terms and Conditions

    By receiving the Student Campus Card the student acknowledges that he/she has read understood and accepted the terms and conditions below:

    • The card is the property of Qatar University and is not transferrable.
    • The card is used for identification and should be presented on request to University personnel and security officers to access campus facilities, to attend events and activities, and to obtain services.
    • All data used to produce the card is subject to University regulations and can be used for University purpose.
    • Possession of a card belonging to another student is a violation of the University regulations, and the student may be subject to disciplinary procedures.
    • Using a card belonging to another student or altering the card is a criminal offence that may subject the violator to criminal prosecution.
    •  If the card is damaged, a replacement fee is payable.
    • If the card is lost or stolen, the student is responsible to report the loss the Campus Card Unit immediately to deactivate any services, privileges and the debit account, if used.
    • The cardholder should not punch holes on the card or affix stickers, pins or other items on the card.
  3. Replacement

    A fee of QR50 is payable to replace a damaged or loss card, except where the replacement is necessitated by a name change, a worn card, or the card is replaced at the decision of the University.

  4. Cancellation

    The card is automatically cancelled on the students' withdrawal, graduation, dismissal for academic or non-academic reasons, suspension or on receipt of notification from the cardholder that the card is lost.

  5. Lost Cards

    It is the cardholders' responsibility to report to the Campus Card Unit immediately if the card is lost. In reporting a lost card, the cardholder must produce a valid Qatari ID or Passport as proof of identify. Visit the Campus Card Unit in person or email the Campus Card Unit from the students' QU email account. (Emails received from any other account are not accepted.

Student Campus Card Benefits:

  • Accessing the University facilities which includes residency halls, labs, Internet rooms.
  • Purchasing books at the University Book
  • Borrowing books from the library.
  • Students receive discounts at over 90 outlets and are listed in the discount booklet.

Policies and Procedures

Hours of Operation for Student Campus Card Office

The Student Campus Card offices maintain the following hours and days of operation: Sunday through Thursday from 7:30 am till 2:30 pm.

Office Location

Female activity building office no. 101 or male activity building room 221 .

Contact Us

For inquiries kindly call our office numbers

For female: 44035966
For male: 44033736
Or send e-mail to the unit e-mail:
 Find us on Facebook :