Campus Map
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Last modified: February 01, 2015 10:51:57.
General Maps (Below) Directions to Individual Buildings  Building Codes


QU Master Plan

The Qatar University Master Plan is a modeled overview of the entirety of Qatar University and its campus. This includes non-academic areas, such as housing and research locations. This image is also helpful as it contains the individual building codes


QU Campus Map

The QU Campus Map is designed to be a way to easily make out each individual building and road on the QU campus.  Buildings are clearly labled by name, and listed alphabetically.




Assembly Points

What is an Assembly Point?

Assembly points  are areas of safety where persons should assemble in the event of an emergency (i.e. fire, earthquake, etc.). In an emergency, people inside a building are required to leave using the stairs, designated doors and emergency exit doors. Once outside the building, everyone has to move to Assembly Point and remain in the area until further instruction from University Safety Officer, Security Personnel or other emergency personnel. Assembly Points have been identified across Qatar University campus and are designed to establish a location for information updates from the emergency responders to the evacuees and from the evacuated people to the emergency responders.

Whom can I contact?

For any inquiry, staff, students and visitors can contact the Environmental & Safety Office – Business Operations Department at or .