Student Impact of the Reform Plan
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Last modified: March 19, 2012 13:55:54.

How will the Reform Plan impact students?

a. Revised Admissions Standards. All students at Qatar University will have to adhere to a minimum standard of admissions. Furthermore, admission to specific degree-granting programs will be dependent upon satisfying particular requirements for each program.

b. Core Curriculum. A Core Curriculum is being developed that provides a broad foundation of knowledge and skills that prepare students for multiple professional careers and social roles. The Core Curriculum will be flexible, allowing students a degree of choice in selecting their courses, as well as the ability to complete its requirements across their full tenure at the University. The College of Arts and Sciences will be the institutional home for the Core Curriculum.

c. Improved Student Services. In addition to improving the conditions for teaching and learning at the University, the reform effort aims to generate a stronger University community. This dimension of the reform involves providing students with better systems of advising and registration, as well as the introduction of an Office of Career Services and a new range of student activities. In particular, the Office of Career Services will advise students on career opportunities, equip them with the required skills for their career development, and seek opportunities for students through being a link between them and potential employers.