Our Students
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Last modified: July 02, 2014 11:18:33.

Over the years, Qatar University has witnessed a steady increase in the number of students enrolling in its expanding academic programs. As an equal-opportunity institution, QU enjoys a diverse student body of individuals from around the world, the majority of which have traditionally been women. 

In 1973, University membership began with a total of 150 students, including 93 women and 57 men.  As more colleges opened, this number continued to increase rapidly; in 1980, the number of enrolled students was 2,600.  By Fall Semester 2008, the number of registrants for study at Qatar University had reached 7245 male and female students, equaling almost 1/6th of the eligible Qatari population.

By Spring 2014, the number of registrants for study at the university had reached over 14,000 male and female students.