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QU-YSC Marks World Science Day for Peace and Development | Qatar University

QU-YSC Marks World Science Day for Peace and Development


The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 10 November as World Science Day to highlights the important role that science plays in society, and latest new scientific issues, ensuring the right of all to access scientific developments, and the importance of the role of scientists in making our society a more sustainable society.

In this context, we review several Qatar University (QU) prof. Opinions about the Science and scientific research.
Director of Qatar University Young Scientists Center (QU-YSC) Prof. Noora Al-Thani said, “The center mission is to provide exceptional research expertise Innovative capacity building program, which aims to empower young Qatari inventors and researchers to build an innovation-based economy. We also direct efforts and modern technologies to help students succeed and become researchers, thinkers and creators. The center's directions seek to create more opportunities for students to acquire knowledge, apply it in a practical way, and work on developing and producing it to benefit different industries.”

“At the center, we are keen to provide our students with a complete educational experience, starting with conducting applied research and acquiring scientific research skills and capabilities, and then presenting their discoveries and innovative ideas to experts and specialists in conferences, exhibitions and competitions,” Prof. Noora adds.

Enas Elhawary, Research Assistant, said: “One of the most important goals of the Qatar University Center for Young Scientists It is to spread a culture of creativity and innovation which helps maintain sustainable development it enhances the ability to build and develop. Therefore, the center is keen to participate in the most important local seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and international which discusses new scientific methods in education and innovation.”

Elhawary adds,“Perhaps the most important achievement of the center is its winning of the 2015 WISE Award. For innovation in education and many prestigious international awards. It is worth noting that the center and its creative students’ most recent participation was in the Sixth International Exhibition of Innovation in Turkey, and it won two gold medals, a silver medal and a bronze one, which confirms to us the students’ ability to innovate in projects and compete at the local and international levels.”

Shahad Alkhair, Research Assistant, committed, “The importance of establishing partnerships and opening areas of cooperation with various academic, research and scientific bodies locally and globally. In achieving the continuous development of the programs, curricula and initiatives offered by the center to affiliated students from all academic levels up to the university. It also contributes to the process of exchanging knowledge, gaining experience, and being open to the international research community, highlighting the role of the Qatari researcher in enriching knowledge in several fields. It enhances international and national cooperation to broaden the students' perceptions and horizons and motivates them to keep pace with the developments of modern technologies in various fields.”

Azza Abouhashem, Research Assistant, pointed to that (QUYSC) Center for Young Scientists encourages pre-university students to conduct scientific research in various fields to find innovative solutions to different problems. The research that the students worked on related to the manufacture of biodegradable plastics under the supervision of Dr. Mohamed Hassan by developing a composite material of polymer types (PBAT). In addition, adding soybean husks as a natural material to the polymer. Through the tests that have been conducted, the product has proven its effectiveness and ability to decompose in seawater. It is also safe for human use and is considered less expensive compared to other types of environmentally friendly plastics.

Aisha AlThani, Engineering student at QU that participated in many workshops in the Center, said, “The Young Scientists Center (QUYSC) seeks to involve students of all ages and education levels in the interactive scientific workshops offered by the center. These workshops are presented through the center's various tracks that deal with various scientific issues and help students find innovative solutions to contemporary issues of interest to the state and society as a whole.”

“It also aims to urge students to develop and improve many aspects of scientific fields in order to keep pace with the wheel of development and renaissance. The center's plan also includes launching scientific, national and cultural initiatives to ensure that the goals and directions of the center reach the largest number of the public to increase interaction and communication with all segments of society,” She adds.

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